What is a Conversational User Interface CUI?

Remember to write all the dialogues with 3 principles in mind . Build a user archetype and write lots and lots of relevant user stories. Even if your bot/assistant gets lost, the structure and trigger words will help it find the way out. As you see, this bot is ‘trying hard’ to make a conversation possible, although it is not 100% successful at it. It’s very likely that a human using the bot is going to give it a second chance.

  • Maybe you asked Siri to update you on the weather or set a reminder for your dental appointment.
  • When used correctly, CUI allows users to invoke a shortcut with their voice instead of typing it out or engaging in a lengthy conversation with a human operator.
  • In the context of chatbots, this might be something like a typing indicator.
  • Conversational interfaces can also be used for biometric authentication, which is becoming more and more common.
  • The first chatbot was developed in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .
  • It is essential to understand what you want to do with the conversational interface before embarking on its development.

Conversational design is, at its core, a design method that looks at human conversation as the model for interactions with a digital system. This contrasts the typical UI design, which focuses on visual influences to navigate interactions with a digital system. Incorporating inclusive language and design is about communicating in a way the customer resonates with. The key to successful CUI is communicating with the widest customer base and efficiently adapting to the natural language.

How Zendesk supports conversational UI

It keeps track of your daily activities like food habits and sleeping patterns and aims at improving your fitness and health. It helps conversational user interface examples in reducing weight and also focuses on reducing stress and anxiety among people. Dom€™s skills also include its ability to place orders through voice commands from users, making pizza ordering easier. When Dom is unable to understand the customer€™s input, it apologizes and lets the customer know about it. This gesture is appreciated rather than displaying information that is not related to the customer€™s request. 27 million Facebook impressions.This figure alone shows the success of online ordering.

A Conversational User Interface, or CUI, is an interface that enables people and computer systems to interact using voice or text, taking cues from real-life conversations. Language analyzing software helps bots recognize and interpret human speech, based on a vast library of conversational patterns. Now is the ideal time to bring conversational tools into your business’s user interface design. Read on to discover how to make them work for you – and how to avoid some common chatbot pitfalls. For example, Duolingo’s AI-powered text-based chatbots offer users an interactive learning experience.

Google Assistant and Siri

It’s a good practice to start with a voice product if your project includes both a chatbot and a voice assistant. Cathy Pearl, Head of Conversation Design Outreach at Google, explicitly recommends that in her series of video tutorials on the topic. This is mostly because a voice product requires more effort and time to develop. So it’s only logical to deal with the hard task beforehand to finish with a piece of cake. We’ll start our Complete Conversational UI Guide by sharing with you How not to develop conversational interfaces.

  • In this section, I’ll give you some tips on how to design your conversational interface.
  • Keep them loyal to the product or service, and simplify their daily tasks.
  • So the doctors don’t get enough time to look for each and every detail.
  • Additionally, people are hard-wired to equate the sound of human speech with personality.
  • This significantly reduces the amount of work you need to put into developing your chatbots.
  • How many times have you been forced to use an airline’s automated phone service to rebook a canceled flight and how happy were you with that experience?

This can be difficult, as there are often many ways to express the same idea, and users may use various slang terms or colloquialisms that need to be accounted for. The chatbot and voice assistant market is expected to grow, both in the frequency of use and complexity of the technology. Some predictions for the coming years show that more and more users and enterprises are going to adopt them, which will unravel opportunities for even more advanced voice technology. When integrating CUI into your existing product, service, or application, you can decide how to present information to users. You can create unique experiences with questions or statements, use input and context in different ways to fit your objectives.

Never Leave Your Customer Without an Answer

Instead of forcing customers to use their branded app or website, they meet customers on the apps that they already know and love. Apart from ordering through chatbots and voice-based CUI€™s, the Domino€™s Anyware initiative allows all users to literally order from anywhere. This includes ordering from your car, smart TV, smartwatch, and through tweets, SMS, and zero-click app. Duolingo€™s chatbots and conversational lessons give the user the experience of having a conversation in reality. Duolingo is known for its conversational AI and conversational marketing strategies.

  • Standard patterns and flows from graphical user interfaces do not work in the same way for conversational design.
  • Thus, when we talk about conversational UI, we mean any software that can literally talk to us by visual or audio means .
  • It’s important not to be too hasty though, as poor customer interactions in the first few weeks can lead to a less than desirable reputation with your customer base.
  • Users should be able to reset the conversation at any time during the interaction.
  • The human-to-human methods leave much room for human error or lunch breaks.
  • It is an algorithm that delivers information upon request straight from its database.

The main interactions are done through a chatbot with a conversational UI. The chatbot gives you suggestions for answers and even questions to ask. Babylon Health allows users to find and connect with doctors on demand. The chat feature is a good example of conversation UI because it provides input choices, aka answers, as a doctor asks questions and speaks with you.

Bringing Brands Closer to Customers

We chose only a few that could contribute to a sincere dialog that remained explicitly professional. For instance, Messenger Bot’s quick reply element has a character limit for its response buttons. The conversation is subsequently limited to the platform’s capabilities.

UI design allows users to interact with a digital system in order to accomplish a purpose. A user interface is comprised of the visual elements that contribute to a well-conceived user experience that will improve a user’s life in some way. Designers must understand the capabilities, limitations, and opportunities of the platform they’re working on well before starting the design process. It’s also important to be realistic, and balance project aims with design constraints. The product team may have great ideas for the chatbot, but if the UI elements aren’t supported on the platform, the conversation flow will fail. In the context of conversational interfaces, errors aren’t necessarily the system.

How to make great conversational experiences?

Siri is an excellent example of a conversational voice interface. Released in 2011, Siri is Apple’s version of a digital voice assistant. She acts as a personal assistant who can answer most basic questions and some complex ones as well.


In these situations, designers have to be more creative with vocabulary than with typical design elements, like button size and color. Conversational interfaces have different accessibility, and can give users access to information and technology they couldn’t use before because of physical or mental disabilities. But people don’t speak in paragraphs; we use single short sentences to deliver information. And this problem is even more critical for voice interfaces becausepeople lose attention after 10 to 15 seconds of listening to a prompt. Users should be able to re-engage with the app after they leave.

What are the 4 user interfaces?

  • Command Line Interface.
  • Menu-driven Interface.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Touchscreen Graphical User Interface.

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