Sedex platform and tools webinar recap

This webinar is aimed at content authors who want to learn more about creating great interactive content using the H5P content types. Course Presentation and Interactive Video will be the main content types used to demonstrate content authoring. The changes to the My Links feature will allow you to accept, reject and edit your links in the new platform. Members will also notice improved loading times and be able to search in real time. Data-backed insights should play a pivotal role in helping to shape your company’s business decisions. But when it comes to optimizing the performance of your website, getting clear and actionable data can sometimes prove to be even more of a challenge than the initial problem you are solving for.

webinar recap

APPSeCONNECT is a next-gen, low-code Business Process Automation and integration platform that offers end-to-end full-stack integration to enterprises. On August 23rd, we gathered together again for our quarterly webinar discussing our progress on the Forge Roadmap. We welcomed product managers from a diverse range of teams to share updates about recently shipped and upcoming features, and then took some time to answer a few questions from the community. Lack of context is often a side effect of enterprises not having adequate data control.

Is more likely to boost engagement, increase your reach, and attract clicks. On YouTube into a playlist composed of shorter videos dedicated to certain subtopics. And there is no need to keep searching for something new and fresh every time.

Sedex platform and tools webinar recap

He then expanded into an explanation of MBD by looking at the product development process and the model-based enterprise, or MBE. Deciding to make observability pipelines your data management solution is the first step. Next comes understanding which pipeline solution meets your business needs and the key features you need to evaluate. It would be best to separate the fluff from the factors and traits you need to derive the most value from your data. With data all over the place and companies unable to derive insight, it’s near impossible to take action.

  • The biggest mistake, Shaina emphasized, is to only repurpose the new episodes.
  • This helps at certain times during the business life cycle to streamline transactions.
  • We also added an error drill down chart to help developers easily identify sites that are contributing to the low invocation rate.
  • The fact is too many employees are disengaged and not just when it comes to benefits – many HR leaders struggle to drive engagement to other initiatives as well.

Watch a recording of the webinar, and learn how American University uses midterm and end-of-semester evaluations to track how well students are learning professional skills. Download our free distribution guide below to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your blog content and doing your part to increase engagement with your audience. There seems to be a big problem when it comes to seeing return on investment from content marketing efforts. According to Content Marketing Institute, the majority of companies that practice content marketing can’t connect the dots between their efforts and ROI. Did you miss out on our webinar about the new, upgraded integration between UserReport and Google Analytics?

Martin expanded upon the ways MBD can offer a competitive advantage in terms of product time-to-market. We have been focusing at first to unblock building Forge apps around workflows area. UI Kit support for workflow modules is on our longer term roadmap as we are gathering your feedback and interest.

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At the end of the webinar, we opened up the floor for the audience to ask questions. Post functions with UIWorkflow modules enable apps to modify workflow transitions in Jira. We’ve added several The Most Useful JavaScript Data Table Libraries to Work With new functionalities to the expression validators, and you can now define a custom UI for creating, editing, or viewing validator configurations, and save configurations to the config variable.

By clicking accept or continuing to browse, you agree to have read & agree to the PlanSource Terms & Privacy Policy & understand you can opt out anytime. On average, employees only spend 15 minutes choosing their benefits during enrollment. Additionally, most employers also face underutilization of the benefits they offer and as a result, disengaged employees can cost companies as much as $450 billion. Square videos are great for feeds, or anything you might be scrolling with your thumb – and except for Twitter that optimizes for landscape images, every other platform works best with square. In fact, audiograms are times more powerful than any static image, so don’t miss a chance to boost your audio content’s visibility. It has been found that past the 2-minute-mark, the engagement starts to plummet on social media.

webinar recap

Moreover, it is also essential to follow a proper guide for SAP and Salesforce integration to ensure effective automation that enables sustainable scalability and improved productivity. Other interests include youth and community-led development, which she got the chance to engage in as US Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. Natalie earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from American University and a Master of Science in Gender, Development, and Globalization from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Keep reading for some of the key takeaways from the webinar, or click here to watch the recording on-demand and access the accompanying slide deck. Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool, but too many companies are leaving some of its best capabilities on the table. The Mezmo approach to solving the cost-curve issue includes enabling users to simplify access, take control of, and take immediate action on their data through our Observability Pipeline.

webinar recap

Katherine holds two degrees from the University of Florida, a BS in Journalism and an MA in Mass Communication. She enjoys learning how PTC customers bring software to life in real-world applications every day, leading innovation in their various industries. There’s a drastic disparity between the value organizations get from their data and the amount of time, energy, and money they invest.

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Employees get bombarded with benefits and company initiatives throughout the year leading to burnout, unread company communications, and questions down the line. Most employees don’t even know where to go for company information when they need it, making it difficult to drive engagement. A. There are scenarios where customers require notifications for failed orders or opportunities over Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Martin then explained how MBD can allow non-engineers within an organization to view models in a way they can understand. Alerts will be sent to the app owner’s email and app owners will not be able to add a different email. However we are considering adding this as a feature in future iterations.

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That’s why we teamed up with Less Friction in a joint webinar to show you how to benefit from the mix of survey data and behavioural data. We’re bringing in new consolidated reports to Sedex Analytics, providing information on key KPIs. 10 Top Cloud Security Companies These reports will include data from the new platform and combine existing data from Sedex Advance all into one. Plus we are introducing new features such as ‘background download’ so you can receive reports directly to your inbox.

Sharing your passion and knowledge with a Webinar is Structuring Your Project The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python the best way to reach many with the power of one.

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