HUAWEI CLOUD Announces MacroVerse aPaaS for Every Developer and Every Scenario

In this episode join us, Levi and Jacob, as we go even deeper with episode 2 of Mick Garris’ 1994 mini-series THE STAND. We are reaching the half way mark on this mini-series, which just so happens to be Into the Macroverse’s seas… Macroverse is being developed by Novak Distributed, a California-based software company. The lead developer on the Macroverse project is Adam Novak. Click the button below to access the Macroverse Explorer dapp. Note that you need at least 100 MRV tokens to use the Macroverse Explorer. The „Kepler” release of Macroverse is now available on the Ethereum mainnet, and the second major release of the Macroverse Explorer dapp is now usable.

As for the story it’s a classic tale of the zombie apocalypse with a twist. We make discovering books entertaining, informative, and socially engaging. And most importantly, we believe that the best recommendations come from people you know and trust. There is far, far more about the Stephen King What is Macroverse, too much information to include in this article, but we know that it’s also far from complete, for with each new novel King publishes, he expands on the already extensive connections in his strange fiction. Ill, as the multiverse came together more clearly in King’s imagination, he laid out certain key concepts that function as primal forces within the various stories, one of these being ka. Deployed addresses of Macroverse contracts can be found here.


These live, on-air, and in-studio KKSM radio recordings from the Spring of 2022 established your hosts within the … Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. He met a resident of the universe, Sama-D, who explained that the Macroverse is really the Surfer’s universe but with quite a few others. But I will update this review if there’s any changes to the app I like or dislike.

Join Levi and Jacob as we go Into The Macroverse with the 2017 Netflix Original, 1922, based on Stephen King’s Novella of the same name. We want to thank all of our faithful listeners for sticking with us as we usher in Season 2 o… Go back in time with your hosts, Levi Hill and Jacob Willett, as they introduce the flashbacks season, Season Zero!

HUAWEI CLOUD Announces MacroVerse aPaaS for Every Developer and Every Scenario

To better serve tens of millions of developers, HUAWEI CLOUD announced that it would invest USD100 million in 2022 to upgrade the HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Program in three ways. Weird stuff can happen here, but as far as the General Public is concerned, it’s all either way under the radar or else comes with an extremely convincing ‘logical explanation’. Join Levi Hill and Jacob Willett as they reach the final episode of Season 1 of Into The Macroverse, topping it off with the series final of Mick Garris’ 1994 Stephen King Miniseries, The Stand.

  • Seven chances to find a Darkon descendant who might someday be able to activate the Artifact.
  • Devise an orbital-mechanics-based strategy game, set around the moons of a gas giant.
  • So why would one soul frequency be better than another?
  • Software products, such as access to the Macroverse Generator, generally do not increase in value over time.
  • IT arrived on Earth in a massive cataclysmic event and landed in North America, specifically in the area that would become Derry, Maine.

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. In the near future, HUAWEI CLOUD will focus MacroVerse aPaaS on the industrial Internet, industrial software, city governance, public utilities, and Internet services. HUAWEI CLOUD invites partners from across industries to be part of the MacroVerse aPaaS program. The capability layer aggregates industry domain kits while packaging APIs, SDKs, and industry knowledge into the many capability kits offered on HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace.

Some contemplate not being selfish and forcing everyone to exist at the God Lords pleasure. Although most come to the conclusion that blinking themselves from existence might bring another God into reality. Then the new God forces the former Gods conscious frequency to exist for their own selfish pleasure. All they did is give up their Lordship and risk hellish suffering! In lieu of a physical body, our highest dimensional soul is identified by the unique frequency our consciousness it vibrates at.

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Development of the next release, Kepler, can be tracked in the Macroverse Github repository. Bugs found in the Macroverse contracts should also be reported there. Create a single-player 4X game, played in the browser. Take payments from players in Ether, with no app store needed. Access to the Macroverse system is controlled by a token, MRV, which functions as a software license. An Ethereum account must hold a minimum balance, currently 100 MRV, in order to query the Macroverse system on the live Ethereum network.


If you own sufficient MRV tokens, you can use the Macroverse Explorer to visit the stars, planets, and moons of the Macroverse world, and to claim them as ERC712-compatible nonfungible tokens. The over 200 billion star systems and over 400 billion planets and moons of Macroverse are produced, soon down to sub-meter resolution, from a single seed, using advanced procedural generation technology. Stephen King’s characters and monsters live in a multiverse known as the Macroverse, and there are characters that link different stories. This approach combines bite sized episodic content with binge-worty serialized narratives that celebrate the strengths of the traditional comics art form. Our Macroverse App propelled comics into the digital age and focuses on innovative storytelling custom crafted for mobile devices.

How To Make Your Bookstore Pics Reel In Bookworms

For car travel, Huawei provides maps and navigation, occupant safety, and an IoV content ecosystem. HUAWEI CLOUD also works with Sinohealth to provide end-to-end digital capabilities for the pharmaceutical industry, from R&D to production and retail. Third, transformation to the cloud and SaaS is accelerated by aggregating SaaS partner applications from different industries and supporting them E2E with funding and technology. Second, a brand-new aPaaS platform hosts cloud services that represent the expertise shared by Huawei and its partners.


There is controversy because at the Macroverse level there is no such thing as good, or evil. Rather there is only pure knowledge to collect via unique experiences and abstract ideas. We choose to exist in this reality, and in infinite other realities within our own Vice-God spirits, and within those of everyone else. At that infinite-dimensional level, we regard every soul frequency as equal. Purchasers of MRV have no reasonable expectation of profit. Software products, such as access to the Macroverse Generator, generally do not increase in value over time.

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Conceivably they would never get to the point of creating this reality we exist in now as it would take an eternity to get here. Sometimes the unexpected happens, something good or even something horrendous. But here on Alpha, it’s all very real, very possible, very normal, etc. The fantasy, the weird science, the mega-heroes – it’s all the stuff of fiction, of movies, television, video games and comic books. The minimum balance requirement, required to issue queries to the Macroverse Generator and use Macroverse-enabled dapps and games, is currently 100 MRV.

“THE BIG CRUNCH.” The old macroverse would collapse back upon itself, destroying worlds, life, progress, history, until all that remained was a concentrated universal mass that inevitably led to yet another Big Bang. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. Stephen King is one of the most commercially successful and widely read authors of his time.

Everyone gets to be a sole False Macroverse God at various higher dimensional levels. This means you’re tricked into thinking you’re the one true God of everything with no knowledge of anyone above you. This is the concept of God most people think of rather than the real collective.

The birth of the Lord and its Personifiers…The Macroverse God had to be born or we’re left with an impossible conundrum. That of God existing for eternity into the past or more precisely an eternal chronology in their mind that never had a start. Plausibly more of an enigma than getting something, a God, from nothing. A completely eternal God means there was no first thought or process of learning.

During the Kepler phase of Macroverse development, planets, moons, and orbital mechanics were added to the Macroverse system, along with an ERC721-compatible NFT implementation of the virtual real estate system. Support for planets, moons, and claiming and manipulating Macroverse Virtual Real Estate were delivered in a new major release of the Macroverse Explorer. Players exploring the Macroverse world can discover, claim, and trade virtual real estate.

Each collection combines the story, concept art, process work and more to highlight the true creative process of making comics for comics lovers and NFT collectors alike. As industries dive deeper into digital transformation, HUAWEI CLOUD wishes to accelerate this trend. Mr. Fang Guowei, director of Cloud Portfolio Management of Huawei, announced the MacroVerse aPaaS platform. Last but not least, a Marketplace to distribute enterprise applications delivers the ultimate experience to both sellers and buyers. HUAWEI CLOUD also offers Marketplace as a service so customers can build their own application ecosystems.

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