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break even analysis for restaurant

If the volume of production exceeds this level (B.E.P. Level), there will be profit and if the volume of production falls below this level, there will be loss. The BEP is the indicator of the production level and so it is considered as an important tool in the hands of the management. Fixed costs refer to costs that have no change related to production within a relevant range. This means your restaurant will have a variety of fixed costs over the course of a month which you have to account for in order to find the break-even point of your restaurant. In order to come up with a relative result, you’ll have to extract essential data and come up with the averages (visitors/sales). The restaurant industry has experienced a challenging 18-month tidal wave of changes and obstacles.

With this information, you can set appropriate price points for each menu item based on their costs and your restaurant’s target margin. More than setting the right price, your restaurant marketing team can work to promote the menu items that generate the highest profit for your business. Running promotions and specials on the options that are the lowest cost to you can increase your contribution margin which helps you reach that breakeven point. A key way to keep your labor costs low is to have the right amount of people working at any given point in time. But how do you determine the right number of people for your restaurant? Luckily, POS software today can track day-by-day, hour-by-hour sales data to help you understand and forecast what time periods are busiest at your restaurant. With restaurant technology forecasting busy as well asand slow nights, you can then schedule staff while keeping your SPLH percentage goals in mind.

What is restaurant break-even analysis — and why is it important?

Family Style Turn more tables and delight guests with a POS built for family style restaurants. The food needs to be good, the menu needs to be streamlined and enticing, and perhaps most importantly, the customer has to feel welcomed, appreciated, and respected in your establishment. To further understand this principle, we need to learn about something called a contribution margin. Running a successful restaurant requires excellent taste, an eye for curating a creative menu, and a knack for designing an inviting atmosphere.

Why is break-even point important?

WHY IT MATTERS. This figure is important because it's the simplest way for a business to determine if what it charges for its products and services will cover what it costs to make the products or provide those services.

Your break-even point provides valuable insight into how much money you need to make to clear your costs, as well as places you might be able to trim some fat. Inventory , to make sure you’re spending on the right things, and not wasting money on the wrong ones. You can use a break-even analysis for a restaurant spreadsheet as a restaurant break-even point calculator. Fixed costs are fixed because they’re paid no matter what—regardless of traffic or output.

Break-Even Analysis for Restaurant Spreadsheet

As a result, break-even analysis often involves analyzing revenue and sales. However, it’s important to differentiate sales, revenue, and profit. Revenue is the total amount of money earned from sales of a product while profit is the revenue that’s remaining after all expenses and costs of running the business are subtracted from revenue. Break-even analysis is the study of the amount of sales or units sold required to break even considering all fixed and variable costs. This represents the number of menu items you need to sell each month to break even. A breakeven analysis also helps owners calculate weekly and monthly sales to identify breakeven points for year-end planning and predictions.

break even analysis for restaurant

Just replace _ADD NEW_ with the cost category and input the total cost for the time frame being analyzed. Again, total fixed and total variable costs will be summated for you. Reduce Variable Costs – A restaurant’s prime costs account for around 60% of its overall costs.

Benefits of a Breakeven Analysis for Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners commonly encounter difficulties with accounting. Every successful bar and restaurant pores over inventory numbers and finances regularly. It’s the only way to proactively manage a successful restaurant in today’s competitive hospitality environment . This means that this pizza shop needs to sell 7,937 slices of pizza in this time period to break-even. Again, practicing accurate accounting is essential to how useful and informative conducting a break-analysis can be.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – How to Do a Breakeven Analysis Using REVPAR By David Lund – Hospitality Net

Hospitality Financial Leadership – How to Do a Breakeven Analysis Using REVPAR By David Lund.

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Ensuring you are working with realistic, data-driven numbers is a critical step in making the best decisions you can for your business, staff, and customers. A break-even analysis is a financial calculation that weighs the cost of a new business, service, or product against the unit sell price to determine the point at which you will break even. The break even analysis for restaurant easiest way to put together an accurate P&L statement and have sales and cost figures you can rely on for break-even analysis is using a beverage inventory platform like BinWise. You can read all the restaurant management books you like, but you’ll still need software. The resulting answer is how many of that product you need to sell to break-even.

How can I Calculate Break-Even Analysis in Excel?

For example, utilize low cost forms of marketing such as social media, to limit major fixed costs in your first year of operation. The break-even point is the point at which the revenue of your restaurant equals the costs. It represents the amount of revenue needed to cover the restaurant’s fixed and total variable costs over a specific time period. Once this figure has been calculated, you get to know the number of sales you need to make a profit. It lets you know the number of people you need to serve at a determined average price point for your restaurant to make a profit.

You’ll likely use a combination of the ways to increase profitability. Check out the Free Incorporation Guide discussion and the State Incorporation Resource Directory. Articles on the Small Business Financing Sources, the Small Business Loan Basics, small business loans Checklist and SBA Loans are incredible sources of knowledge for the small business owner. Now that we know what break-even analysis consists of, we can begin modeling it in Excel.

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