A Day in the Life of a Part-time Real Estate Agent

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Typically, real estate agents don’t work set hours, which is a draw for most people considering a real estate career in the first place. It’s also why a part-time real estate career is an attractive option for some new agents. To be a successful part-time real estate agent, you’ll need leads that turn into clients. It’s not uncommon for part-time real estate agents to work 50 hours per week and more.

This article will cover how much a part-timer makes and what you need to get into this industry. An important first step in the process of becoming a part-time real estate agent is to take the time to research your state’s requirements for real estate licensure. Doing so will ensure you’re taking the right steps to prepare for licensing. It is important to note that, when applying for a real estate license, each license is state-specific. For example, if you are a licensed real estate agent in New York, you will not be able to automatically sell property in Florida without applying for licensing there. At Building Better Agents, we are dedicated to helping agents build successful real estate careers.

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Your first year in real estate will be hard of the wallet. You have to finance your entire real estate business on your own . Until you make that first blessed commission, you’ll have to pay for everything out of your own pocket. That includes marketing costs, fuel, office fees, wardrobe, professional association dues, and more. Then there are your personal living expenses like food and shelter. It all adds up and can be an unbearable burden in the first year if you haven’t prepared ahead of time.

You’ll need to interview with the Part Time Real Estate Agent Jobs, Employmentage and convince them that you can be successful, even as a part-time agent. Ideally, the brokerage that you work with will offer support and ongoing sales guidance. Each state has specified the number of hours you must complete successfully in order to sit for its real estate license exam. Luckily, there are real estate schools available to teach you everything you need to know to pass your licensing exam and start selling real estate part-time.

How Much Do Part Time Real Estate Agents Make?

One of the main reasons why real estate agents fail is because they don’t take the time in advance to consider and plan for the realities of the real estate world. Make sure that you think seriously and prepare yourself for the benefits and risks of a part-time real estate career. The real estate market can be a hard industry to break into even if you have credentials. You can go through all the training and practice to increase your earning potential in time. It is certainly possible to be a part-time real estate agent with a full-time job. Many of your clients who are also working full-time will appreciate your willingness to find time with them outside of traditional working hours.

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